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Prevention of Dengue at Construction Sites
CIDA with the Ministry of Urban Development, Water Supply and Housing facilities & Dengue Control Unit (DCU) has taken several measures to prevent Dengue at Construction sites as construction sites have become a major contributor for mosquito breeding.
CIDA urge that all stakeholder parties of the construction industry (both Public and Private Sector) shall adhere to measures introduced to control the situation;
  1. Amended clause No 28 of Preliminary Bill No 1.
  2. Form 01-"Check list to identify mosquito breeding at sites"-    English >> Sinhala >> Tamil >>
  3. Form 02- Monthly report on inspection of dengue breeding places.    English >> Sinhala >>
  4. Contractor shall inform the PHI of the area in possession of the site, enabling supervision by the PHI.
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  Construction Industry Development Act No - 33 of 2014  
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