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Construction Equipment Training (CETRAC)
Construction Equipment Training Centre (CETRAC) functions as the central Institution for manpower development and skills improvement of the personnel involved in Repairs, Maintenance and Management of Construction equipment and other engineering disciplines.
The centre was established by JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency) in 1997 and handed over to ICTAD management in 2001.Since then CETRAC maintains reputation in training of school leavers, industry workers and professionals for the maintenance and management of construction equipment and other engineering disciplines.
CETRAC posses numerous modern set of Japanese equipment for the training of all disciplines related to repair & maintenance of construction equipment. The panel of Resource personnel are trained in Japan suit to the modern facilities. Accommodation, conference, canteen and recreation facilities are available for trainees.
Annually Implemented Training Programs
1 Utilization of Construction Equipment 10CPM 05 Project Managers/Civil
2 Maintenance of Construction Equipment 10CEM 05 Workshop Managers / Mech. Engineers
3 Supervision of Maintenance of Construction Equipment-Hydraulic & Transmission 10SUP1 05 Workshop Superintendents / Supervisors
4 Supervision of Maintenance of Construction Equipment - Engines & Mechatronics 10SUP2 05 Workshop Superintendents  / Foremen
5 Maintenance of Diesel Engines-Cummins 10M31 10 Senior Mechanics
6 Maintenance of Hydraulic and Mechatronic systems 10M32 10 Senior Mechanics
7 Maintenance of Diesel Fuel System and Emission Controlling (PT Pumps) 10M33 05 Senior Mechanics
8 Maintenance of Electrical Systems 10M34 04 Senior Auto Electricians
9 Advancement of Diesel Engine Technologies 10M35 03 Senor Mechanics / Supervisors / Technicians
10 Maintenance of Building Air Conditioning Systems 10BAC 05 Building Air conditioning Maintenance personnel
11 Maintenance of Diesel Engines-Komatsu 10M21 10 Mechanics / Senior Mechanics / Supervisors
12 Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems 10M22 10 Mechanics
13 Maintenance of Diesel Fuel System and Emission Controlling (In-line pump) 10M23 05 Mechanics
14 Maintenance of Electrical Systems 10M24 05 Auto Electricians / Mechanics
15 Maintenance of Diesel Generators 10M25 08 Electricians / Mechanics / Supervisors
16 Course on Maintenance of Steering, brakes & Clutch systems 10M26 05 Mechanics  
17 Maintenance of Torque Converters & Transmission Systems 10M27 05 Mechanics
18 EElectronics & Mechatronics of Construction Equipment 10MT 05 Mechanics /Auto Electricians
19 Maintenance of Water Pump & Compressors 10WPC 05 Mechanics / Maintenance Technicians
20 Inventory Control & Stores Management 10IC 05 Stores / Supply / Project Staff
21 Servicing of Construction Equipment 10SCE 03 Servicemen / Operators / Assistants / Helpers
22 Building Services Engineering - 01 10BSE1 02 Managers / Engineers / Supervisors
23 Building Services Engineering - 02 10BSE2 02 Managers / Engineers / Supervisors
24 Building Services Engineering - 03 10BSE3 03 Managers / Engineers / Supervisors
25 Building Services Engineering - 04 10BSE4 02 Managers / Engineers / Supervisors
26 Building Services Engineering - 05 10BSE5 03 Managers / Engineers / Supervisors
Customer Oriented Training Programs
Customer oriented training programs can be arranged for all category listed bellow on request of clients.
  Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning systems
  Energy management in commercial buildings
  Management of building maintenance
  Building service engineering
    # Electrical
    # Fire protection system
    # Water supply & sewerage systems
    # Acoustic & communication systems
  Automobile Engineering / Vehicle Technology
  Industrial Hydraulics
  Industrial Mechatronics
  Advanced Welding Technology
  Equipment Utilization in Construction Projects
  Industrial Safety
  Fire Protection Systems
  Environmental Engineering Applications
  Water Pumps & Air Compressors
  Diesel Generators
  Vehicle Emission, Emission Standards & Controlling Technologies
  Plumbing Technologies
  Maintenance Engineering
  Crane Operation
  Forklift Operation
Contact Details : Construction Equipment Training Centre (CETRAC)
  No: 17, D P Wijesinghe Mawatha, Pelawatta, Battaramulla
  Tel. 2786829, 2784412, 2786813; Fax: 2784411
  E-mail: cetrac@sltnet.lk; website: www.cida.gov.lk
  Construction Industry Development Act No - 33 of 2014  
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